Blues on the Meadow is hibernating for a while

Announcement from Organisers

We are sorry to say that there will not be a Blues on the Meadow festival in 2018. After 11 wonderful years, we are having a rest in 2018. We would like to thank you for your support and for the amazing help we have received.

We could not have run this without support of so many friends and volunteers, too many to thank all individually here but particular thanks to:

  • Jane and Simon who were the reason we started BotM and jointly ran BotM for so many years;
  • Chris our MC and webmaster and Ange our photographer, who have helped co organise for so many years;
  • Simon and Jason who have served behind the bar since day 1!
  • Kerry and Huw who stepped in as co organisers and helped make BotM 2017 such a success.
  • All our helpers including Nick and Jan and everyone who has helped with putting up marquees and running the event.
  • Monica – thanks to you and Boogaloo Promotions, look forward to getting to one of your events soon.
  • Robin Bibi Band – we have loved all our bands but you remain our house band and number one choice!

     Blues on the Meadow Photographs                                                     Past Gig Line-ups

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… Blues On The Meadow is a jewel in the British blues crown; a truly unmissable event!

Pete Clack – Blues in Britain Sep’13


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… born one June afternoon in 2006. It was such a success it was repeated on August Bank Holiday the same year…. and it’s not stopped since. Now established in the blues festival calendar on the 1st Saturday of July – just to compete with Henley Regatta – Yeah, right!

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… an outdoor music event where you can listen to the best of local and national blues bands while chilling out with a glass or two. It’s held in a meadow … (surprise, surprise).. in Aldermaston, West Berkshire (between Reading and Newbury). A great summer’s afternoon & evening of blues music. Excellently accompanied by bar and food .

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… alternatively known as the Aldermaston Blues Festival

… although I quite like the mnemonic ‘BotM’ (Ed)!